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Trees = Water - Tree planting to bring the water back to the Sanya River.

The challenge

The Sanya River was once rich in water and an important source of water.

Now it is periodically completely dried out.

Deforestation causes greater risk of drought floods, and also contributes to climate change both locally and globally. The Sanya River, which flows from the glacier at Kilimanjaro, has over the past 20 years gone from being a water source for drinking water, farming, hydropower and wildlife, to 90% of the trees around the river being cut down.


It can take months where the river is dry, while during the rainy season the river becomes overcrowded and the water drags bridges and huge amounts of soil down to the lowlands and creates floods.

It is not only in this area deforestation is a problem. According to WWF, East Africa lost around 6 million hectares of forest between 2000 and 2012. This is not only problematic for East Africa, it also affects global climate change.

TZ - Utfordringen

Our initiative

Together with our partners in Trees 4 Kilimanjaro, local authorities and action groups, we will plant trees in the area around the Sanya River to the area

gets back its natural vegetation.


Two full-time employees will be hired to plant trees and shrubs, water them, and take care of them until they are large enough to manage on their own.


This will mean that the area is not as prone to floods and droughts

- and that the Sanya River can once again become the water source it once was.

TZ - Vårt tiltak

Trees 4 Kilimanjaro

Pursuit of Waters is collaborating with Trees 4 Kilimanjaro (T4K) in Tanzania, a volunteer-based project that aims to plant 50 million trees in the Kilimanjaro region.

Together with other actors, private and state, T4K plants seeds that are taken care of until the trees can fend for themselves. The result of planting is expected to be improved environment, socio-economic gains and restored climate.

This project is presented by Pursuit of Water in collaboration with Trees 4 Kilimanjaro, a registered project in Tanzania.

TZ - T4K
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