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Restoration of Wells in Kosovo

The challenge

Many of the wells in rural Kosovo have been destroyed and polluted.

Kosovo is a small country with beautiful nature and several historical sites, but it is also one of Europe's poorest. In many areas, the country has made admirable progress since the devastating 1998-99 war.


At the same time, the majority of the two million inhabitants still lack a safe water source. Lack of treatment plants and sewer systems have made pollution of rivers and drinking water sources a widespread problem. 


Our initiative

Pursuit of Water is working to restore old, damaged wells in Kladernica, Kosovo, so that families in the area have access to fresh, clean water for their homes and avoid drinking contaminated water that potentially makes them ill.


Households wishing to participate in the project undertake to participate in the construction process, contribute 10% of the costs, and to assist in the restoration of another well in the neighborhood. This creates a better society by repairing wells and building relationships. 


Water for Life Kosovo

Pursuit of Water's local partner in Kosovo, Water for Life, is an international non-profit organization that has been working in this area for over ten years.


In 2018, more than 180 residents in Kladernica gained stable access to clean water through Water for Life's projects. We contributed to the restoration of ten wells in 2019, and have since aimed to contribute to one well a month. Thus, we contributed to 12 wells being given new life in 2020, and will contribute to 12 more this year.

This project is presented by Pursuit of Water in collaboration with Water for Life Kosovo, a registered non-profit in Kosovo.


We are making progress!

Every month we restore a well in the village.

Completed (2019)

10 Wells

Completed  (2020)

12 Wells

Ongoing  (02.2021)

2  wells
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