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Our response

We have focused on the fact that this situation is demanding for our partners, and we do what we can so that they can have a safer everyday life. At the same time, we have adapted our work in accordance with the current rules in Norway.  

White Sands
Pursuit of waters management of the corona pandemic

COVID-19 Relief Fund


Hand wash

Hand hygiene saves lives. To prevent covid-19 infection and many other diseases, it is extremely important to wash your hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer.  

(UN Water)

2 out of 5 people, or 3 billion people around the world, lack basic facilities for hand washing in their homes: 1.6 billion have limited facilities and lack soap or water, and 1.4 billion have no facilities at all.

( WHO / UNICEF 2019 )

Around 297,000 children under the age of five - more than 800 every day - die each year from diarrheal diseases as a result of poor sanitation, lack of hygiene or unsafe drinking water.  

( WHO 2019 )

COVID-19 - Handwashing

The Relief Fund

We at Pursuit of Water want to support our partners who are now facing various challenges in the face of the coronavirus. That is why we have launched a fundraising campaign to be able to respond to the needs that arise due to the crisis.

The funds have gone to five of our partner organizations in four countries: Kosovo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo. The relief fund has mainly been used for food distribution and water and hygiene projects.

Pursuit of Water has assisted with NOK 50,000, which acts as an emergency fund. However, it only covers the needs in the short term. Feel free to help us reach the goal so that our partners can get support on a more long-term basis! We are still raising funds to assist in the challenges that arise due to the coronavirus.

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20,000 NOK




10,000 NOK



10,000 NOK



10,000 NOK



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