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About us

Have you ever seen injustice and thought "if only I could do something about this". We thought the same thing when we began to realize how much suffering water problems create for people around the world, and how many areas are affected by the lack of water: climate, gender imbalance, poverty, schooling, pollution, health challenges and disease. If one looks for the root of the challenges the world faces today, it is not uncommon for them to be linked to water in one way or another. This was the start of Pursuit of Water.

Since starting in September 2017, we have experienced an incredible growth in membership numbers and supporters that enable us to support water-related projects where it is really needed! We are currently working with restoring wells in Kosovo, distributing water filters in Uvira, Congo, building rain catchment systems in Kigali, Rwanda, and planting trees to get the water flow back in Sanya River in Tanzania.

By collaborating with local partners whom we know and trust, we support practical projects that improve water access in places where the need is critical. We believe that those who know the local challenges best are also the ones who have the best base for finding good solutions that suit their needs. Pursuit of Water wants to build bridges between those who need help and those who have the opportunity to help. Are you one of them?  

Love, the Pursuit of Water team

Tim, Kjell, Kristine, Markus, Thea, Solveig, Kari, Dagne, Sina, Ane and Mirjam Kristin

Our team

Kjell Einar Mong Granholt
Tim SolWoong Kim
International leader
Tim SolWoong Kim
International leader


Mirjam Kristin Mong Granholt
Project consultant
Thea Kristin Reilstad
Project consultant
Thea Kristin Reilstad
Project consultant


Håvard Askjem
Finance manager
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